The Celeste DaPort brand is concept imaged in 2019, with a view to create a limited collection of items rooted in the inspiration we draw on from the classic looks of yesteryears.

Our design value and vision are simple. Create pieces that are timeless and boundless. While we are predominately a menswear brand, we firmly believe that fashion holds no boundaries, and we lean towards a feminine approach to details that add character to the base structure of our garments. As such, Celeste DaPort is and should be "worn by all".

We approach manufacturing with a relentless and unquivering quest to have a minimal impact on our environment. We believe that in order to challenge sustainability in the fashion industry, we must produce locally and produce a timeless and durable product. As such, our garments are proudly designed, sampled and manufactured in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This transparency allows us to oversee the entire production and gives us absolute confidence that our garments are manufactured with superior structure and quality. 

We aim to improve our fabric and notion sourcing practices as we grow, creating a truly 100% Canadian product.

Celeste DaPort

Celeste has a recognised definition; there's no denying that. —Never being one for conforming, our meaning of the word is one of journey and inspiration; there lies the beauty in how words can be interpreted with idiosyncrasies.

DaPort, that's just an ode to the beginning.